New group charity steward appointed

Due to the promotion of Denis Tierney to the office of regional charity steward overseeing the South Eastern, Eccles and Warrington Groups, Mike Adams (group chairman) has announced the appointment of a new South Eastern Group Charity Steward.

Darren Gregory.

Darren Gregory.

A number of applicants were considered and Darren Gregory was offered the position and has since accepted the office as the group charity steward.

Darren said he is looking forward to his task taking on the very important role within the group and in particular with a festival on the horizon.

Darren, who is currently the WM of Davyhulme Lodge No 3715 and an ascending officer in Foundation Chapter No 5394, is already a regular visitor to a number of lodges and will be making it his objective to visit all lodges and chapters in the South Eastern Group in the forthcoming future.

Darren’s responsibility will be to liaise with the various lodges and chapters and their respective lodge charity stewards to communicate information, harnessing the enthusiasm of lodges and offering encouragement and advice on fundraising. It will be Darren’s intention in keeping close communication with the group chairman Mike Adams and also communicating with the regional charity steward and in particular the group publicity officer with regard to assistance in making an awareness of fundraising and charitable events that take place within the Group.

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