Jagdeep initiated and then sees charitable giving

Members and visitors witnessed Ian Wood, WM of Hand and Heart Lodge No 4109 having the clear pleasure of conducting a first degree initiation ceremony, where he initiated Jagdeep Singh in an exceptional fashion ably assisted of course by his officers of the lodge in their respective roles.

Jagdeep (left) being congratulated by Ian.

Jagdeep (left) being congratulated by Ian.

Present to witness the ceremony were group chairman, Mike Adams and fellow grand officer, Brian Hayes along with group officers, Provincial grand officers, members and visiting brethren.

The working tools of the degree were presented by Ezra McGowan and the charge after initiation was given by junior warden Steve Masters. On completion of the ceremony, Jagdeep was welcomed into Freemasonry by Ian followed by both of them and the officers being applauded by the brethren.

After the ceremony the meeting continued with the business as per the summons, any other business was announced, where at the appropriate time, Mike Adams rose and announced he had something to mention and present under that heading.

Mike called on two very surprised lodge members, Ezra and Nathan McGowan, both of whom being proud Freemason’s and proud of their ‘Forget me not Trust’ charity, to approach him where Mike gave charitable donations in the form of a presentation from the South Eastern Group by way of a cheque for £150 and a further donation from an anonymous provider for £250.

Pictured from left to right, are: Ezra McGowan, Mike Adams and Nathan McGowan.

Pictured from left to right, are: Ezra McGowan, Mike Adams and Nathan McGowan.

Mike said that he had personally visited and walked in the various areas of the city of Manchester to see the homelessness of individuals that had been highlighted by Ezra and Nathan. Mike said that of course, this was not just restricted to Manchester and not only to the other areas where the brothers have set up support for those individuals but it has highlighted the same in many other cities too

Mike said that the charitable trust that Ezra and Nathan had set up in the name of Freemasonry was clearly gathering momentum and specific interest in the Masonic fraternities, He said that there had been a small number of charitable presentations, notwithstanding those from their own Hand and Heart Lodge, but other lodges too. Mike was aware that Ezra had been visiting lodges and soon to be chapters under invitation to make presentations about the charity and that the interest was gathering pace. Mike commended the brothers for their untiring and demanding work that they do in the community.

Freemasonry Today have already illustrated the work done by the charity on the internet website which was promoted to the organisation by the Province of West Lancashire publicity team on the premise as it being an excellent example of Freemasonry in the community.

In efforts to raise more awareness and more support for the charity, Nathan McGowan is putting himself in the situation of sleeping on the streets of Manchester as a sponsored event, support for his task can be given on http://theforgetmenottrust.org.uk/ourcauses/feeding-the-homeless/


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