Mike makes it a third time in Phoenix

Phoenix Lodge No 1730 recently held their installation meeting at Urmston Masonic Hall. Members of the lodge, together with their visitors were honoured and delighted by the presence of Chris McNab, who was the representative of the Provincial Grand Master and joining them to witness Mike Moran being installed as WM for a third time in his Masonic career.

Mike (left) being congratulated by Chris.

Chris was accompanied by South Eastern Group Chairman Mike Adams, and fellow grand officers Brian Hayes and group vice chairman David Durling. Also present was acting Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Craig Sutton, along with other group officers, provincial grand officers and other distinguished brethren. These included a visitor, Robert Smith of Kemes Lodge No 3152, the acting Provincial Junior Grand Warden of West Wales. Robert, who was initiated by his father, was the first candidate to be initiated at Urmston’s Masonic hall into Great Stone Lodge No 6737, which is one of the amalgamated lodges from which Phoenix Lodge was formed.

The worshipful master, Ken Allen, having commenced and swiftly transacted the business of the lodge thus enabled the grand and acting officers to be admitted. Ken welcomed Chris and said he hoped he would enjoy ceremony. Chris was most pleased to receive to receive the warm welcome.

Ken then installed Mike, conducting the ceremony in a most sincere manner. There then followed presentations of the working tools in the third degree by Wally Fraser, in the second degree by David Holt and in the first degree by Graham Jackson.

Brian Hayes presented an excellent address to the master, the address to the wardens was given by Trevor Edmonds, and finally, the address to the brethren was given by Chris in an extremely heartfelt fashion.

Chris responding to his toast

On completion of the installation ceremony, Chris then rose to his feet to bring the sincere greetings, congratulations and best wishes from Tony Harrison, Provincial Grand Master. Chris said that Tony was aware that Mike was taking the masters’ chair for a third time in his lodge and wished him and the members of the lodge a happy and healthy and most importantly, an enjoyable year ahead. On behalf of Tony, Chris also congratulated installing master Ken for his sterling work during the evening and of course, praised all the brethren who ably assisted him during the ceremony.

In response, Mike rose to thank Chris for the good wishes and then, on behalf of the lodge had great pleasure in presenting Chris with charitable donations by way of a cheque for £200 made out in favour of the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity and a second cheque for £300 made out in favour of the Freemason’s Grand Charity.

Chris gave grateful thanks to the lodge on behalf of those who will eventually benefit from the kind generosity of the lodge. He said: “The donation is most gratefully received and will be most faithfully applied.”

On the first rising, Mike Adams brought the greetings of the grand officers. Mike said that he and his fellow grand officers had experienced a most enjoyable ceremony and that it was a delight to see Mike Moran installed, for a third time, into the masters’ chair in such good fashion. He concurred with the previous wishes of the Provincial Grand Master for a happy and enjoyable year ahead. Mike also said it was a great pleasure to see Chris McNab who of course had travelled from the ‘Fylde Riviera’ to be in attendance. He thanked him for his continued support for the South Eastern Group, support he has now demonstrated for many of years.

A very enjoyable festive board ensued thus concluding a most excellent evening.

Article and photographs by Eddie Wilkinson.

Pictured from left to right, are: David Durling, Mike Adams, Mike Moran, Chris McNab, Brian Hayes and Craig Sutton.


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