Principal guest Barry visits Prince Edward Chapter

The members of Prince Edward Chapter No 2109 were honoured and delighted to receive Barry Jameson, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, to their installation meeting which was held at the Davenport Hotel Stockport.

Barry Jameson.

Barry Jameson.

Barry was in good company being accompanied by South Eastern Group Chairman, Mike Adams and fellow grand officer Brian Hayes, along with an array of Provincial grand officers comprising of David Durling (South Eastern Group vice chairman), along with group officers, distinguished provincial grand officers and visiting companions.

The grand and provincial grand officers having taken their seats, the installation proceedings immediately commenced where the three principals were proclaimed to remain in their respective positions for a further forthcoming year.

The proclamation of the principals saw Roy Froggatt remain as first principal, Brian Taylor as second principal and Bryan Lees as third principal.

Barry gave a very heartfelt address to the companions.

On completion of the ceremony, Barry stood to bring the greetings and good wishes for a prosperous and healthy year from the most excellent grand superintendent, Tony Harrison.

Barry said that if Tony had been present he would have witnessed a most interesting installation and on Tony’s behalf, congratulated the work of all those who took their part in the evening’s ceremony and thanked those who had maintained office in the chapter.

Newly proclaimed and existing first principal, Roy, rose and thanked Barry for his very kind words and on behalf of the chapter presented Barry with a charity envelope and with Roy’s permission, Barry read out the contents. There were three cheques made out to the following recipients, West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity for £100, The Wellspring Kitchen in Stockport for £100 and to the North West Air Ambulance for £100.

Barry thanked the members on behalf of all those who would eventually benefit from the chapters’ most generous donations.

Barry continued by saying that all chapter installations are different, this being no exception, he said this makes his position as an Assistant Provincial Grand Principal more enjoyable.

At the first rising, Mike Adams conveyed the greetings and good wishes on behalf of the grand officers. Mike said, “it had been an entertaining ceremony and was pleased to see such good support.” As group chairman, he welcomed Roy by remaining in the chair as first principal for a third time in his royal arch career and wished him and the chapter an enjoyable ensuing year.

A friendly festive board continued into the evening where Barry gave an excellent response to his toast and touched on the subjects of The Masonic Charitable Foundation, the Tercentenary, West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity, the enhanced exaltation ceremony, of which, he said, one had been previously given in the South Eastern group and of course the Talking Heads ceremony of which Barry said had similarly been recently presented in the South Eastern group and to which he had attended and in fact had already given provision of a successful insight for craft members to have an introduction into royal arch membership.

On a final note, Barry passed on his own best wishes to the companions of the chapter and wished them all a happy and healthy year ahead, Barry concluded his toast with a not entirely apt Oscar Wilde quotation where he said that, “those who bring pleasure wherever they go also bring pleasure when they go, which brought a rapture of applause with humour.”

The toasts of the evening having ended thus concluded a most enjoyable meeting.

Article and photographs by Eddie Wilkinson.

Pictured from left to right, are: Mike Adams, Brian Taylor, Barry Jameson, Roy Froggatt, Bryan Lees and Brian Hayes.

Pictured from left to right, are: Mike Adams, Brian Taylor, Barry Jameson, Roy Froggatt, Bryan Lees and Brian Hayes.

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