Jubilee Chapter donate to the 2021 Festival

Jubilee Chapter No 5555 recently celebrated its installation meeting at which the principal guest was the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Danny Jones, accompanied by, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, Ian Cuerden, the Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah, Jim Miller, and Provincial Deputy Director of Ceremonies, Neil MacSymons. They were supported by the Preston group vice-chairman Geoff Saul and acting rank officers, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, Paul Astley and Provincial Grand Steward, Gowan O’Hagan.

Danny congratulates the three principals on their preferment.

Following the administrative business of the chapter, Neil MacSymons entered to announce the presence of Danny Jones who was formally welcomed by the first principal Charlie Sweeney. Danny replied in kind, informing the chapter that this was his first visit to Jubilee and was looking forward to what he was sure would be an excellent ceremony.

Charlie rose to thank all the officers and companions of the chapter for their assistance and support during his year in office feeling sure that this help and support would be transferred to his successor.

The ensuing ceremony was conducted in a commendable manner where all three principals were progressing to their respective offices for the first time. Commencing the installation ceremony, Jim Bennett presented the third principal elect, Malcolm Dukes, to the third principal, Alan Duffin. Malcolm was duly obligated before Ray Birkbeck rose to present Alan Duffin, as the second principal elect, to the second principal, Alan Howarth, who proceeded to inform him of his duties. Finally, Bill Struthers had the pleasure of presenting Alan Howarth, the first principal elect, to the first principal, Charlie Sweeney. In all cases the relevant prayers were delivered by Ray Birkbeck and the associated scripture readings were given by Jim Bennett.

A conclave of installed principals was declared and Alan Howarth was duly installed in the first principal’s chair by Charlie. Alan Duffin was installed in the second principal’s chair by Alan and Malcolm in the third principal’s chair by Alan. The scarlet, purple and blue robe addresses were given in an excellent manner by Mike Threlfall, Bill Struthers and Jim Bennett respectively. The conclave was closed and companions readmitted to the chapter. The director of ceremonies, Mike Walkden, declared the three principals as being formally installed in their respective offices. The address to the principals was delivered in an excellent manner by Bill Woods and the address to the companions in an equally excellent manner by the principal guest, Danny Jones.

Danny presents Alan and Mike with a certificate of achievement for the chapter.

At the completion of the installation ceremony, Danny brought the greetings and congratulations of the Provincial Grand Superintendent, Tony Harrison, wishing them well during their year in office. He continued by congratulating Charlie Sweeney for his part in installing his successor as the first principal, thanking him for all his work during his year in office. He concluded the good wishes of the Grand Superintendent by congratulating all the companions of the chapter who had taken part in what had been a first-class installation ceremony.

Before resuming his seat, Danny asked the four acting rank officers present to stand and introduce themselves to the members of the chapter, thanking them for their continuing support and attendance at the meeting.

Alan Howarth, in response, thanked Danny for his generous comments on behalf of the Grand Superintendent and had the pleasure of presenting a cheque for £750 in support of the 2021 Festival.

In turn, Danny thanked the chapter for the magnanimous donation, a donation that qualified them as vice patrons of the Festival. He then had the equal pleasure of presenting Alan with a vice patrons certificate recognising the chapter’s achievement. He also thanked the chapter charity steward, Mike Threlfall, for all his work and encouragement that resulted in the chapter being able to contribute such an amount.

Later in the evening, in response to the toast to the grand officers, Danny brought his own congratulations and good wishes to the three principals and the companions of the chapter. He congratulated those that had taken office wishing them all well for the future. He went on to thank Ian Cuerden, Geoff Saul, Paul Astley and Gowan O’Hagan for their attendance and support.

Turning to the Royal Arch, Danny informed the companions that approximately 60% of Craft Masons are not members of the Royal Arch. He went on to say that the profile of the Royal Arch needs to be raised to attract these Masons. He acknowledged that the ‘Talking Heads’ presentations go some way to drawing attention to the Royal Arch. The recent extended exaltation ceremony coupled with team visits has made the Royal Arch a more enjoyable, vibrant and stimulating complete degree. He hoped this would further encourage Craft Masons to take the extra step in their Masonic career by joining a chapter that was both welcoming and enjoyable for new candidates.

Danny thanked the chapter for their support of the 2021 Festival with a magnificent donation that puts them well in front of the game.

He concluded his remarks by thanking chapter scribe, Jim Bennett, for his helpful communications and Neil MacSymons for all his work travelling throughout the Province in his role as a Provincial Deputy Director of Ceremonies.

Pictured from left to right, are: Gowan O’Hagan, Neil MacSymons, Jim Miller, Ian Cuerden, Alan Duffin, Alan Howarth, Malcolm Dukes, Danny Jones, Geoff Saul and Paul Astley.

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