Steve installed as master for third time

Members and visiting brethren of Prince Leopold, Doric and Parkfield Lodge No 1588 were most honoured and delighted by the attendance of David Asbridge, Provincial Senior Grand Warden, the representative of Tony Harrison, Provincial Grand Master, to witness Dr Dennis Steven (Steve) Brookes, being installed again as master of his lodge.

David (left) congratulates Steven.

David (left) congratulates Steven.

The meeting held at the Urmston Masonic Hall was a delayed installation due to their scheduled installation, which should have met in March, having been abandoned because of very poor weather conditions due to snow, ice and generally poor travel conditions. David, not wanting to veer from the cordiality of the lodge re-arranged his diary and was able to reschedule and make his attendance.

David was in good company, accompanied by group vice chairman Gareth Jones and fellow grand officers Mike Adams and Brian Hayes, along with group officers, Provincial grand officers and other distinguished and visiting brethren.

WM and installing master David Benson opened the lodge and carried out the business as per the summons bringing to the point of the evening where David entered the lodge being accompanied by the grand officers. David Benson welcomed David Asbridge and his entourage and they then took their respective seats in the lodge.

David then continued the evenings proceedings, and with credit Steve was then installed in a very accomplished assertive ceremony. Steve had previously served as master in 2002 and 2013.

With the officers having been installed, there then followed presentations of the working tools in the third degree by Stephen Woods, in the second degree by David Benson and finally in the first degree by Eric Houghton. There were then two impressive addresses, firstly to the master by Brian Lowe followed by that to the brethren of the lodge by David Asbridge.

David Asbridge responding to his toast.

David Asbridge responding to his toast.

On completion of the ceremony, David rose saying that was his cue to bring greetings, congratulations and best wishes from the Provincial Grand Master. David said that Tony was aware that Steve was again taking the master’s chair and wished him and the members of the lodge a happy, healthy and enjoyable year ahead. David Asbridge also congratulated David Benson on the standard of ceremony and to the various installing officers on their parts assisting in the installation.

In response, Steve rose and thanked David for the good wishes and on behalf of the lodge presented David a charitable donation by way of a cheque for £300 made out in favour of the West Lancashire MCF 2021 Festival.

David gave grateful thanks to the brethren of the lodge on behalf of all those who will eventually benefit from the very kind generosity of the members.

On the first rising, Gareth Jones responded on behalf of the grand officers. He said he was delighted with the standard of the very accomplished and well executed ceremony and similarly delighted by the number of visitors present for the ceremony.

There was sheer camaraderie at the enjoyable festive board which continued the evening where in his response to the Provincial grand officers, David Asbridge initially passed on his own congratulations to David Benson concurring with the Provincial Grand Master’s wishes and also to the lodge for their excellent, impressive work during the evening.

David continued by commenting on various aspects including the recent press release of ‘Enough is Enough’, the MCF 2021 Festival and the support thereof, festival jewels, festival attire, the white envelope scheme, membership structure, retention and about the fourth step in Freemasonry into Royal Arch.

David said that he was most pleased to be in attendance and thanked the lodge for their very kind welcome and of course the camaraderie he had himself experienced throughout the evening. He said he had seen a great team effort and wished the lodge an enjoyable year. The evening festive board concluded a most enjoyable meeting.

Article and Photography by Eddie Wilkinson.

Pictured from left to right, are: Mike Adams, Gareth Jones, David Asbridge, Steve Brookes and Brian Hayes.

Pictured from left to right, are: Mike Adams, Gareth Jones, David Asbridge, Steve Brookes and Brian Hayes.

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