Royal Arch

  • David-Durling-RCS

    This part of the website is devoted to all things Royal Arch and is designed to enhance the experience of existing Royal Arch masons whilst providing a starting point for those brethren considering joining the order.

    Under the direction of the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Danny Jones, Group Vice Chairmen have been given special responsibility for the Royal Arch.

    The Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch is an extension to the degrees of Craft Freemasonry; separate from but complementary to them. Those brethren who have not yet opted to join the order are invited to continue their exploration of Freemasonry by joining a Royal Arch Chapter.

    Details of all Royal Arch Chapters meeting in the South Eastern Group may be obtained from this website, the group vice chairman or the lodge RA Contact.

    If you feel that you would like to discuss any aspects of the Royal Arch, please feel free to contact me at: and I will endeavour to resolve them on your behalf.

    David Durling
    Group Vice Chairman