Urmston Masonic Hall News


Urmston Masonic Hall from inception to perfection

‘Urmston Masonic Club’ original building.

Since the early inception of evolving a ‘new Masonic hall’ steering committee, conjoining various South Eastern Group lodges’ from both Urmston and the previous South Manchester Freemasons Hall together and combining their respective financial and involvement discussions, leading to building design and the processes and complications of dealing with such issues as the local planning authority and legal aspects the new Urmston Masonic Hall has developed into the new proud example of a Masonic building now open for all lodges and chapters to use.

The new facilities include a lodge room and tyling reception area, dining areas, kitchen, bar areas, board room, cellars incorporate bar cellar, rest areas, practice room (yet to be completed) and lodge equipment storage. Similarly there are further facilities yet to be completed upstairs in the building.

Work in progress.

The building originally called the ‘Urmston Masonic Club’ originally built and completed in 1881, was, according to local urban history, the first ‘Social Club’ in Urmston and was used by Masonic gentlemen to enjoy time with their families and friends in that Victorian era.

The building had a bowling green in front of it, albeit now being slightly undulating, part of that green area is still present today within the grounds of the new development and previous regular Masonic meeting hall now renamed ‘The Venue’.

There have been numerous individuals who have availed their own time and efforts in steering the building to achieve what is now a magnificent building. There is a new chef overseeing and providing culinary skills in both the Masonic hall and the ‘Venue’ building where bookings for Masonic and external non-Masonic functions are actively being promoted and booked.

Urmston Masonic Hall newly finished façade.

The new hall having opened its doors for business has already staged its inaugural craft meeting, that being Radio Millennium Lodge No 9709 and celebrating their Christmas meeting with ‘ladies to dine’.

The first installation meeting in the new venue was that of Fallowfield Lodge No 3693 to witness Dr Emmanual Cleeve installed into the chair of King Solomon.

More recently, there was a first initiation held by Hand and Heart Lodge No 4109 where Gary Johnson was, in his words: “proud and impressed with the new facilities in the hall”

The lodge room from the east (left) and the new Board Room (right).