Darren makes his first 2021 MCF Festival presentation

South Eastern Group Charity Steward Darren Gregory has commenced a sequence of presentations and has already planned to visit a number of lodges and chapters throughout the group, as the group representative it will be Darren’s objective to visit each lodge and chapter throughout the group to present and promote the MCF 2021 festival and actively support their respective charity stewards in the quest to keep an upbeat quest over the four year festival period.

Darren makes his first presentation.

Darren makes his first presentation.

Hand and Heart Lodge No 4109 being the first on his list to host the presentation proved a most informative event followed by a question and answer session for the lodge members.

There was a simple format to the evening whereas the lodge was opened for business, then called off for the presentation in the lodge room after which the lodge called on and business was resumed.

Darren’s presentation was by way of the Provincial Masonic Charitable Foundation PowerPoint presentation as already illustrated and presented by David Winder which is freely available to stream off the Provincial website https://vimeo.com/195537865

There then followed questions about sponsorship of the four-year festival, either by ‘one off’ payments or easy monthly methods over four years to financially support the charity, the cumulative aspects of continuing support to support the MCF charity through the ‘white envelope’ scheme now being made available through the lodge or chapter charity steward and form filling procedures were all answered.

Darren of course having raised various points during his presentation did, on completion, respond by explaining a more in depth and easy to understand analogy to the points raised.

A goodly number of the bespoke charity jewels were in fact already being proudly worn by members of the lodge at the meeting with the prospect of a few more being applied for that evening.

If your lodge or chapter are not already included on Darren’s list, then if your secretary or scribe E would like to contact Darren to include his presentation on your summons then, at his request by all means contact him by email via the Contacts page on the Provincial website and he will be pleased to make arrangements.

Article and photographs by Eddie Wilkinson.

Lodge members listen to Darren.

Lodge members listen to Darren.

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