Mike installed for a second year

The brethren and visitors of Royal Protector Lodge No 3471 were delighted to receive Assistant Provincial Grand Master Dave Walmsley to their installation ceremony to witness Mike Walker being proclaimed as master for a second successive year.

Mike Walker (left) being congratulated by Dave Walmsley.

Mike Walker (left) being congratulated by Dave Walmsley.

The lodge was opened and Mike conducted the normal lodge business and opened up to the second degree.

At this point the installing officers were appointed, with Peter Harding of Radio Millennium Lodge No 9709 as installing senior warden, Bill Young as installing junior warden and Bob Murphy, also of Radio Millennium Lodge, as installing inner guard and then the lodge was opened in the third degree.

Soon after, guided by the lodge director of ceremonies Stan Parkinson, David Walmsley, accompanied by fellow grand officers David Durling (South Eastern Group Chairman) and Gareth Jones (South Eastern Group Vice chairman), Tony Johnson (fresh from celebrating 60 years in the Royal Arch) and acting Provincial Grand Steward Darren Gregory, also present were group officers and other Provincial grand officers and distinguished visiting brethren.

The installation commenced and DC Stan Parkinson rose and by proclamation, announced that Mike was to remain as WM for the following year. Mike having installed his new lodge officers for the year, Dave rose and gave an excellent and heartfelt address to the brethren of the lodge thus completing the installation ceremony.

The ceremony having been completed, Dave rose once more to bring the greetings, congratulations and good wishes for a happy, healthy and enjoyable year ahead from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison. Dave said that had Tony been present he would have witnessed an excellent ceremony and congratulated Mike on his past year as master and his stamina in continuing for a further year, which he said, Tony was of course aware of.

Dave also said that Tony would have wished to be present to witness the ceremony conducted by the lodge DC Stan Parkinson and all the other officers and would have thanked them for their excellent work during the evening.

In response, Mike thanked Dave for the very kind wishes from the Provincial Grand Master and said he was happy to retain the master’s chair for yet another year, albeit to allow the younger brethren time to prepare for the future and was pleased at that point to offer Dave two envelopes complete with charitable donations.

Dave, having sought the master’s permission revealed the contents of the envelopes, which were cheques for £200 made out to the MCF 2021 Festival and £100 to the Masonic Hall Fund, for which Dave thanked the lodge brethren for their very generous donation.

Following the first rising, David Durling reiterated Dave’s congratulations and added his own, saying how much he had enjoyed the ceremony.

The evening was rounded off with a cheerful and harmonious festive board and a thus an excellent night was concluded in good humour and friendship.

Pictured from left to right, are: Darren Gregory, David Durling, Mike Walker, Dave Walmsley and Tony Johnson.

Pictured from left to right, are: Darren Gregory, David Durling, Mike Walker, Dave Walmsley and Tony Johnson.

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