Barry enjoys a ‘Berry’ good installation

Members and visitors to Davyhulme Lodge No 3715 were honoured to welcome Assistant Provincial Grand Master Barry Jameson to their installation meeting at Urmston Masonic Hall where the WM and installing master Andrew Berry was to install Chris Moors in the chair of King Solomon for the first time.

Pictured from left to right, are: Barry Jameson, Chris Moors and Brian Hayes.

Pictured from left to right, are: Barry Jameson, Chris Moors and Brian Hayes.

Andrew opened the lodge and proceeded to efficiently transact its business up to the point where lodge director of ceremonies Albert Braithwaite retired and re-entered ahead of APrGM Barry accompanied by Brian Hayes and South Eastern Group Deputy Chairman Nigel Paton. The installation ceremony then commenced and Andrew proceeded to install Chris in a very commanding fashion placing him in the Chair in a quite determined manner.

Chris having been installed, there were then presentations of the working tools firstly by Andrew who presented the working tools of an installed master, then followed the third degree tools by Darren Gregory, an excellent rendition of the long version of the second degree tools by Wilf Knight and finally those in the first degree by Paul Brown. An excellent address to the master was then given by Keith Lewis, a senior figure in Davyhulme Lodge, followed by an address to the wardens given by Gary Curran and rounding things off in fine style, the address to the brethren of the lodge given by Barry Jameson.

On completion of the ceremony, Barry rose to convey to Chris and members of the lodge, the congratulations and good wishes for a happy and healthy year ahead from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison. Barry said that if Tony had been present, he felt sure he would have been impressed by the skill with which retiring DC Albert and his newly installed successor IPM Andrew Berry conducted the ceremony and congratulated each of the individuals of the lodge for their excellent work clearly illustrated throughout the meeting.

In response, Chris rose to thank Barry for the kind wishes and immediately presented him with a donation by way of cheque for the sum of £500 made out to the West Lancashire 2021 MCF Festival. Barry thanked the lodge on behalf of the charity and more over on behalf of those who we may never know who will ultimately benefit from the kind generosity of the members of the lodge.

The first rising brought greetings from Brian Hayes, and on behalf of the grand officers Brian similarly congratulated Chris on his forthcoming year as master of this old and distinguished lodge. Brian welcomed Chris as a new ruler of the Craft and similarly wished all the members of the lodge a very happy and healthy year hoping that Chris would enjoy his year and thanked the members of the lodge for their work to which he expressed pleasure on behalf of all the grand officers present.

The business of the lodge was drawn to a close and was followed by an excellent festive board which continued into the evening where Barry offered his own congratulations to the lodge and expressed his pleasure to be in attendance at the installation. He thanked the brethren for the warm welcome he had received and in response to his toast, made references to the importance of completing the Masonic journey with membership of the Royal Arch and commented on improving Masonic recruitment and the importance of supporting the current 2021 MCF Festival.

The final toast of the evening having been made; a most enjoyable meeting was brought to a close.

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